For as long as I can remember I have had the memories of watching my father build things out of leather.  When the day came that he let me "help out", that was the day I was hooked and never looked back!  My father's vision, craftsmanship, and perfectionism were traits that I admired.  I took them to heart, and proudly adopted them!  Naturally, my love of horses and the cowboy way of life, fit well with my love of leathercrafting. 

     Over the years, my pocket book hasn't always allowed me to afford all the tack and gear that I needed and wanted.  Thankfully, I had the skills passed down to me from my father!  I built my first saddle 20 years ago, and most all of the tack that I have used over the years and still use today.  From the pasture, to the branding pen, to the arena, and from the round pen to the show pen, as well as everywhere in between; myself and many others have put my tack and gear to the test!  It holds up to the rigors and abuse of everyday use.

      From the encouragement, patience, and love of my family, friends, and customers, A & W Leatherworks was forged!  I have spent countless hours studying the works of many of the finest craftsmen in the trade.  Their tips, insights, and encouragement have given me the inspiration, confidence, and commitment to grow my craft, and take it into the next decade and years to come.  I only hope I can return the favor, and pass along the inspiration and skills that were so generousely shown to me.  I hope to do my part to insure that the craft and trade goes on for generations to come.

     My sons, Brayden and Caleb, have a good start on developing their skills as leather craftsmen.  They have made me very proud as they have taken to the trade.  3rd generation leather craftsmen in the making!  I know their Grandfather would be very proud of them too!!

     I hope you enjoy this website, and the photos of some of our work!  I will be periodically updating and building this website when I get the chance and some time off from building gear, training colts, caring for our cattle, volunteering in 4-H, and serving our community!  The life that we are truely thankful for!!!!   Enjoy!!!

Please feel free to contact us!

A & W Leatherworks

Angie, Wayne, Brayden, and Caleb Krepps

Cambridge,  KS   67023


e-mail:  [email protected]


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